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Minibus Taxi

Minibus taxi

Whether you want a minibus or a taxi or a combination of both, our service is your best choice. We are  offering Minibus Taxi with driver, criss-crossing the UK but also providing drivers and crew who have detailed local knowledge.


Minibus taxi

Our minibus taxi services are still the best way for you and your party to negotiate traffic and get you speedily to your destination both in Rugby and throughout the UK.

Try us and you will use us again. Countless clubs, choirs, wedding and birthday parties, work crews – not to mention family and friends – have benefited from our easy-to-use and reliable coach, taxi and minibus hire with driver services.

Minibus taxi services

It’s never been easier or cheaper to book our minibus taxi hire services. Tell us your needs and requirements and we will be with you in two shakes of a dog’s tail, as my mother used to say.

We take great care of our drivers and our vehicles – our minibuses taxis  – so they can take great care of you and your guests, family, colleagues or friends.

Get me a cab

Whether you are shouting ‘get me a cab’ or whispering it, our minibus and taxi cab hire firm will be at your side in no time. In the vested at our year – round low prices as well as our special deals.

City cab

Did you know Leicester is pretty much slap bang in the centre of England? You don’t have to be easy to get to for our crew to find you pick you up and sort out your transportation dilemmas. You will be transported with delight! From Exeter to Birmingham to Leeds to Liverpool to Inverness we will take you and your group where you want to go speedily, safely and reliably.

If you are in the city and you need a cab our minibus taxi service  and taxi cab hire with driver service will answer your call pronto.

Executive cars

City traffic and city congestion are no longer a problem when you travel in our city cabs. Running a business? We work round the clock because you do.

Airport cab

airport to hotel transfers

Tired after a long flight? Or even a short one? Our airport to hotel transfer taxicab minibus and coach hire company will carry you to your chosen accommodation or anywhere you need to be. Our drivers will transport you speedily, safely, cheaply and with the utmost reliability.

Airport taxi


We cover any airport in UK so dont hesistate to contact us now..

Cheap airport minibus

You would be making a big mistake if you thought London alone held all the tourist hotspots. Alton towers in the North of England is a major tourist attraction. It is not just a fun theme park but a huge resort where you and the family and/or your party of guests can find accommodation for an exciting sleepover.

Cheap airport run

Our pricing system beats all other competitors even when we are providing a luxurious experience for business and executive clients. We fit your budget so you can spend the savings on your event, outing or holiday.

Airport service

Wherever you are in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales you can easily access our speedy and efficient service will get you where you need to be.

Best taxi service

Alton Towers is a paradise for thrill seekers with world-class rollercoasters and a fabulous waterpark So if you’re looking for the best taxi service get in touch today!

All UK cities

What is the definition of a city? It is usually said that to be a city a place must have a cathedral and a University. Now we can add a third element – all UK cities benefit from our minibus coach and taxi hire services.

Wherever you are in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales you can easily access our speedy and efficient problem – solving services.

Try the best – not the rest.

When you phone, email or text us you will get straight through to a member of staff who will personally ensure that your problems are solved at the right price.

Chauffeur service

We provide friendly, helpful, obliging crew including safety – conscious drivers who are chosen for their good grasp of local geography and customs. We guarantee a good fit between you, your party of voyagers and our well – trained driver/guides.

Best rates

Do you need minibus coach or taxi hire service with driver that leaves plenty of your budget left over so you can do more of the things you want to do? Call us straightaway – don’t miss out.


Can I call a cab?

Call us now on 01788 432 532 and speak to one of our operators about the best rates for your journey today.

What areas do we offer transport to?

We operate right across the UK whatever your destination will get you there in comfort

Do we offer an affordable taxi service?

Our taxi service is very affordable just use Book now button  above to see how much you could save on your group journey

Do we offer a 24 hour taxi service?

Our operators and drivers operate 24/7 and through the night so call us or use the form above to get the best price in town.